Rev. Rick Warren of Saddleback Church responds

„Dear Saddleback family,

A week ago a reporter published an article in the Orange County Register about Saddleback Church that contained many errors and false assumptions:

• It erroneously stated that we have a partnership with a local Muslim mosque.

That is false.

• It erroneously reported that we had agreed to not evangelize with Muslims.

That is false.

• It erroneously reported that we believe Saddleback and Muslims worship the same God.

That is false

• It erroneously used a picture of our new PEACE Center as the example of a program of cooperation with Muslims.

That is false.

• It erroneously reported that our church had agreed to a theological document with Muslims.

That is false.

Usually, we try to ignore the false statements made by media, and especially irresponsible bloggers, because 1) Reacting to every false report would take up most of our time, 2) It is almost impossible to undo an error’s damage once it is on the Internet, 3) God knows the truth and he is the only one we must please, 4) It is Christlike to remain silent in the face of false accusations, 5) God blesses us even more every time we trust him with our defense, and 6) We have far more important tasks to accomplish with our time. […]”


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